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    THE OUTLAW JESSE JAMES by Cindy Gerard

    Silhouette Desire #1198 February 1999

    Sloan Gantry, who runs a rough-stock company, knows all about love 'em and leave 'em cowboys--and she's got the fatherless boy to prove it. So when rodeo champion Jesse James gives her the full-court press, she resists with all her might. She's had a crush on him for years, but she can't afford to get involved. She has responsibilities now.

    All Jesse wants is some companionship. But when Sloan won't give him the time of day, instead of moving on to greener pastures, he persists. There's something about Sloan that gets under his skin. When he comes to understand why she won't succumb to his charms, he realizes she's the one who could settle him down. But how can he convince her he's interested in more than a no-strings affair?

    A very emotional read with all the winning elements of a keeper. Definitely a cut above your average rodeo romance.

    Four Stars

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