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    ONCE A PIRATE by Tammy Hilz (see her website)
    Jewels of the Sea

    Zebra Books, October 2000

    One of Daniel Tremayne's ships has been captured, half its crew murdered by pirates, and the cargo lost. When his partner tells him the pirate Morgan the Scylla did the killing, Daniel resolves to trap her himself--and bring her home to England to be hung. When Morgan turns the trap on him, he is left to the mercies of a band of outlaws, including Morgan who attracts him despite his convictions.

    Morgan, her sisters, and the old men of their ruined village decide to grab the chance, to become pirates to keep themselves alive. The Six Year War took all the young men for soldiers, and George III's soldiers took what was left leaving nothing but piracy for them. Still, Morgan swears she has never killed anyone. Could Daniel's partner and the surviving crew members all have been mistaken--or is it more likely that this female pirate is a liar as well as a thief? When Morgan leaves Daniel on a deserted island, she feels that she's leaving a part of herself. When he returns, he holds her fate and the fate of her entire village in his strong hands.

    ONCE A PIRATE combines adventure on the seas, pirate hunting, mystery, and a romance between a nobleman and a common woman into an exciting whole. Tammy Hilz (see more reviews of novels by Hilz) moves seamlessly from steamy lovemaking to hot-blooded action, keeping the reader turning the pages to discover what happens next. Hilz brings all of the emotions into play, making the characters fully human and making the conflict convincing. The reader is left on the edge of the seat wondering how this conflict can be resolved.

    Four Stars

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