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    ONCE AN ANGEL by Tammy Hilz (see her website)


    Zebra Books, June 2001

    Her sisters are now married and settled down, but Grace Fisk is still seeking the security and stability she needs--and can only find from an aristocratic marriage. So what if Lord William Mason is more interested in Grace's brother-in-laws' business than in true love. He is handsome, agreeable enough, and doesn't mind her pirate past. Of course it helps that he lives in the American colonies, far from the rumors and gossip of London. So what too that Grace's heart has always been held by Jackson, a man who loves the pirate life and will never settle down. Grace has put that behind her.

    Except putting Jackson behind is more difficult than she had imagined. The colonies are in revolt (it is 1775), and both Jackson and Mason has thrown themselves into the conflict. Jackson captures Grace's ship and escorts her to Mason--with both wishing there was some way for them to stay together. Still, nothing has changed. Grace's need for security and a position in society will always keep her from Jackson's arms.

    With both pirates on the open sea and revolt in the Americas, ONCE AN ANGEL provides an abundance of adventure to match its wealth of romantic tension. Even if it were possible for them to work through their differences, it hardly seems likely that either of them will survive the threats of sea, enemy ships, traitors both Tory and Rebel, and Grace's increasingly angry fiance. Author Tammy Hilz throws moderation to the winds, making Grace and Jackson struggle throughout their relationship.

    Hilz also does an excellent job making Grace, the most passive and gentle of the three pirate sisters (see also our reviews of ONCE A PIRATE and ONCE A REBEL, sympathetic and likable. Keeping her in constant danger and sexual tension doesn't hurt.

    ONCE AN ANGEL is a bang-up finish to an exciting historical series. (See more reviews of novels by Tammy Hilz)

    Four Stars

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