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    MYSTIC LAKE by Kristin Hannah

    Ballantine Fiction, 1999

    When Annie Colwater’s husband of 20 years abruptly leaves her, she flees to the magical world of her childhood home, Mystic Washington, where she plans to wait until her husband comes to his senses. But fate doesn’t allow her to lick her wounds for long. A young girl needs her--Izzy Delacroix, the traumatized daughter of her childhood friend, Nick. Though Nick loved Annie, he chose to marry her best friend, Kathy. In the wake of Kathy’s suicide, both Nick and his daughter are walking wounded.

    By helping the Delacroix family to heal, Annie does some healing of her own, and she falls in love with Nick all over again. But she is still married, and all of them know her time in Mystic is rapidly coming to a close.

    On Mystic Lake is a gut-wrenching tale of all-too-real characters with human flaws and foibles. Though sometimes the tale grows very leisurely, and occasionally a tad melodramatic, the writing is so compelling it is impossible to lay aside. A memorable story destined to line many a “keeper” shelf.

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