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    MR. PERFECT by Linda Howard

    Pocket Books, August 2000

    Four best friends get together after work to define the perfect man--loyal, employed, nice, and good in bed are a few of the qualifications. It's harmless fun and none of them expect it to lead to instant celebrity--and murder. Yet someone is deeply offended by their definition of Mr. Perfect. So offended that murder is very much in the cards.

    If there was on man Jaine Bright knows is about as far from Mr. Perfect as possible, it's her next door neighbor. He's a drunk, drives a beat up wreck with no muffler, and complains about her noise at all hours--including the middle of the day on Saturday when she's just trying to mow the lawn. Then Jaine learns the man, Sam Donovan is a Police Detective, a major hunk, not really a drunk at all, and that the beat up car is a police loaner for a stake-out. When he replaces the burnt out muffler, she knows she is in trouble. What she doesn't know is that she's in two kinds of trouble. Sam is the obvious problem but Jaine is one of the four friends and the killer intends to add her to his list.

    Sam didn't think he was ready to give up being single without a fight, but Jaine provides enough fight for any three men. He's sunk before he even knows there's a battle going on. But can he keep her alive when a killer is stalking Detroit?

    Linda Howard writes a sexy thriller. The attraction sizzles between Sam and Jaine. With Jaine's wise mouth and Sam's attitude, the two are clearly destined for one another. The killer is sinister, trying to live up to his mother's goal to make him become perfect. The four women's humorous description literally drives him insane--or rather, drives his insanity to the fore. The mystery itself may be a little obvious as Howard does not provide a wide range of suspects, but she provides plenty of suspense as the killer hunts down one friend after another.

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    Four Stars

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