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    MAKING MINTY MALONE by Isabel Wolff

    New American Library/Onyx, 1999

    Jilted. It's an ugly thing, and for British radio reporter Minty Malone, it's the defining moment in her life. She has put all of her time, effort and money into planning and executing the perfect wedding, and then the groom has the utter gall to walk out of the church in the middle of the ceremony, humiliating poor Minty beyond repair. As a reader, I knew from the start that her fiancÚ was an utter jerk, and I was relieved she wouldn't be saddled with him the rest of her life. So suffering through Minty's interminable angst got a little tedious at times. That said, this book is so hilariously written, and the characters so funny and charming, that it's easy to forgive Minty her self-indulgence, especially since the book is about her coming to terms with this horrible event in her life and trying to figure out what she wants.

    Minty changes and grows during the course of the story, finding new love along the way. But it's only when she truly matures that she becomes worthy of this great new guy. This isn't technically a romance novel, as the relationship is secondary to her navigation through her messed-up life, but it is romantic with the requisite happy ending.

    If you like clever dialogue with a British tone and offbeat, endearing characters and a story that wanders delightfully, you'll enjoy Making Minty Malone.

    Three Stars

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