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    THE $10,000,000 TEXAS WEDDING by Judy Christenberry

    Harlequin American Romance #842, September, 2000

    Cactus, Texas holds plenty of memories for Gabe Dawson. Memories of his late grandmother, of growing up, and of falling in love for the first time--for the only time, really, with Katie Peters. Katie had rejected his proposal and married someone else but now she's single again. If he wants to inherit a penny from his grandmother's estate, he's going to have to marry her himself, or find someone else for her to marry within the year.

    Gabe falls in love with Cactus again and decides to stay. He figures that Katie broke his heart once, so the easy solution is to find her another man. Cactus is full of matchmaking grandmothers (THE $10,000,000 TEXAS WEDDING is part of Judy Christenberry's (see also reviews of other novels by this author) continuing Tots For Texans series) who will be happy to find someone for Katie. Except Gabe can't stand the idea of anyone but him holding Katie in their arms.

    Katie Peters never loved anyone but Gabe but she couldn't leave Cactus with him. Her family needed her. She feels guilty for the will--she had told Gabe's grandmother about the continuing love she felt for Gabe--but can she go along with his marriage of convenience?

    Christenberry keeps the story moving with light dialogue, enjoyable glimpses into the agony that Gabe and Katie are putting themselves through, a secondary romance involving Katie's mother (Gabe initially thinks the man is interested in Katie), and characters from previous novels in the series that are woven into the plot rather than just on display. Christenberry takes the terms of the will and marriage of convenience hooks and removes the angst for a fun and light read.

    Four Stars

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