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    Review of MILLIONAIRE COP & MOM-TO-BE by Charlotte Hughes

    Silhouette Desire #1456, August 2002

    When Katie Jonas is abandoned on the alter, cop Neil Logan--the man all of her childhood crushes fixated on--comes to the rescue. He drags her away from her empty house and, when he learns that she is pregnant, marries her to avoid the stigma of an illegitimate birth. Sure plenty of desire runs between these two, yet there is a big step between desire and love. Can Katie give up her fears of abandonment to truly trust Neil? And can Neil trust himself and see himself as worthy of love?

    Author Charlotte Hughes delivers all of the DESIRE hooks--a cop who happens to be a millionaire, a marriage of convenience, and a pregnant run-away-bride. The story is engaging enough with nicely developed secondary characters (including both Neil's parents and his fellow cops). Hughes's writing is workmanlike. For me, the biggest disappointment in this novel is that the black moment--where the hero and heroine seem doomed to remain apart--feels forced. They have already admitted that they love each other. Why then the angst? Or perhaps the question is, why can't we get some real angst.

    Two Stars

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