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    MEMORIES AT MIDNIGHT by Joanna Wayne

    Silhouette Intimate Moments, November 1999 #537

    Darlene Remington left Clint Richards' life years before, but now she can't remember why. In fact, when Sheriff Clint Richards visits her in the hospital, she can't remember anything. With a missing Senator and an assault victim on his hands, Clint has plenty of problems. Dealing with the woman who ripped his heart out years before seems like one too many. How can they resolve their problems when Darlene can't even remember what they were?

    Darlene may not remember anything, but her FBI Agent training makes her an excellent partner for Clint in their investigation of her assault and the Senator's disappearance. Although she can't remember Clint, exactly, she feels a magnetic attraction to the powerful man--an attraction she can't imagine any woman resisting. Together Darlene and Clint explore the Texas plains looking for someone who thinks nothing of murder.

    MEMORIES AT MIDNIGHT combines romance with the 'woman in jeopardy' sub-genre in an extremely smooth manner. The attraction between Darlene and Clint is a natural outgrowth of their forced togetherness and the respect each earns by their investigative competence. The plot device of reunited lovers and amnesia works extremely effectively here. Clint's strength is his key asset, but it was also what kept Darlene from settling down--she needed to develop her own strength to match Clint's before they could found a relationship of equals.

    Three Stars

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