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    Review of TO MARRY AN HEIRESS by Lorraine Heath (see her website)


    Devon, Lord Huntingdon can see no other way to escape poverty and disgrace than to marry an heiress. A rich American heiress would bring enough money into the marriage to let him pay off his debts, restore his estate to its traditional elegance, and most importantly, to keep up appearances. To Devon, the social norms are all-important, aristocracy is real and must set an example, and hard work is to be avoided or, if not, at least hidden. Georgina Pierce grew up in Texas during the hard years of the American Civil War and reconstruction. She knows and values work--and men who know how to work. Still, Devon seems a good sort and Georgina desperately wants children to call her own. Her father's money can buy her a husband so why should that be so terrible?

    Devon is soon surprised to find how much he enjoys spending time with Georgina. She is unlike any other woman he knows--and certainly unlike his deceased wife, who had lived for frivolity and spending money that Devon could not provide her. Still, when the marriage 'deal' turns sour on him, Devon feels betrayed and used. Only by truly examining the beliefs that form the basis of his whole life--and that were drilled into him by the example of his first wife, can Devon achieve true happiness and love. Yet, when a relationship is based on mercenary goals, can love and happiness really be expected?

    Author Lorraine Heath (see all reviews of novels by this author) creates two wonderful characters in Devon and Georgina. Georgina represents the best of Texas--brash, unconcerned with tradition, unafraid to work, and compassionate with anyone in need. Devon is a straight-laced Englishman on the surface, yet Georgina holds the key to unlock the emotions that lie, locked by tradition and culture, beneath his proper exterior. With its powerful writing and compelling emotional character growth, TO MARRY AN HEIRESS is an wonderful read.

    Four Stars

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