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    Harlequin Duets, August 1999

    Maddie Randall intends to upstage her ex-boyfriend with the definitive academic work on a North Carolina mountain author. She has no place in her life for another man, especially a larger-than-life mountain millionaire who just happens to be the author s grandson. Keller Lowry has returned to his roots after making millions in the big city, only to discover that he s missing the important things of life. He wants to spend quite time with his dog and the old family farm he s finally been able to purchase. He certainly doesn t need a woman who destroys everything she touches and who renames his dog so completely that the animal won t even respond when called.

    Tracy South writes an engaging and funny tale of two people who have to rethink their goals and their lives before they can achieve happiness. Each has let themselves get caught up in others dreams. Dreams of a farm in the country for Keller. Dreams of scholarship and revenge for Maddie. Together, they find a part of heaven in the North Carolina mountains, and realize that they created it themselves.

    Three Stars

    Duets is a packaging scheme offered by Harlequin. For the price of one book, you get two complete novels. Packaged with MADDIE S MILLIONAIRE is THE BRIDE WORE GYM SHOES by Jacqueline Diamond.

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