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    IN A HEARTBEAT by Carla Cassidy (see her website)

    Silhouette Intimate Moments, May 2000

    For years, Erica Clemmons has dealt with two realities--the brutal truth that men run away when the going gets tough, and the incredible fragility of her daughter Hannah, who is still recovering from a heart transplant operation. Nobody, not even way-to-sexy Caleb McMann, who has moved in next door, is going to dissuade her of these.

    Caleb has problems of his own. He holds himself for the death of his beautiful daughter Katie, killed in an auto accident she would have survived if only she'd been wearing a seat-belt. He succumbs to an incredible compulsion to discover whether any traces of his daughter remain in the little girl who received her heart donation--Hannah. He never dreamed he'd fall for the mother, or that keeping his daughter a secret could ruin new-found hopes.

    In IN A HEARTBEAT, Carla Cassidy has created a world of vivid emotions and a compelling attraction between two people who, uniquely in the world, can help each other heal and grow. Cassidy's secondary characters, including Hannah, a child who manages to steer clear of the too-common romance-novel saccharin-sweet child and Keith, the brother whom Erica has shut out of her life, add to the emotional tapestry of a story that will bring tears to your eyes.

    Three Stars

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