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    I GOT YOU, BABE by Jane Graves

    Ballantine, September 2001

    Renee Esterhaus didn't rob that convenience store, but all the evidence says she did--and she doesn't plan to stay around long enough to rot in jail. When she barely escapes from a bounty hunter, Renee meets up with vacationing cop John DeMarco and promises him a night he'll never forget if he will take her home. Naturally, she has to lie to him, and naturally one lie leads to another.

    Renee and John zig and zag toward a relationship, fighting the sexual attraction that draws them together and the distrust that keeps them apart. He lives for his job and harboring a fugitive is hardly likely to lead to quick promotion. Renee knows too much about prison to take a chance on the justice system, especially when the evidence all points directly at her.

    Author Jane Graves (see all reviews of novels by this author)(who writes as Jane Sullivan for Harlequin (see our reviews of STRAY HEARTS and THE MATCHMAKER'S MISTAKE), turns up the fun in this witty and wacky romantic comedy. Building beyond the initial situational comedy (which sadly is too often the entire humor in romantic comedy), Graves introduces amusing characters (I especially liked DeMarco's all-cop family and the bald and battered bounty hunter Leandro), clever dialogue, and wacky handcuff moments of various types.

    I GOT YOU, BABE combines laugh-out-loud humor with adventure as DeMarco and Renee try to discover the truth behind the crime. This is Graves's first longer novel and it is a brilliant beginning. Well done.

    Four Stars

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