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    Harlequin Intrigue #568, May 2000

    Jack McCabe is pulled from his self-pitying life when a man leaves his young daugher, Megan Chandler, at Jack's door and is then murdered. Jack is a police detective recuperating from an injury and is certain he recognizes the car holding the assassins as being an undercover police vehicle. Now he has an unwanted child, a case where he can't trust his fellow officers, and an injury that still keeps him from moving.

    Hailey Bishop has been babysitting little Megan and now Hailey doesn't want to let her go. Not only is Hailey in danger, Megan wants a family of her own. She sees beneath Jack's wounded exterior to the man underneath. But can she get through his wounds--both physical and emotional--to develop a lasting love and a family? It isn't even clear that Jack and Hailey will stay alive long enough for their relationship to matter. Someone his hunting for Megan and doesn't care who they have to kill to get to her.

    Jo Leigh keeps the action moving, constantly increasing the pressure as Jack and Hailey find one avenue after another cut off by the corrupt police who oppose them. Jack is totally convincing as the injured warrior, unable to come to terms with himself and uncertain that he deserves love. The writing is a pleasure to read. Leigh has a knack for making description ring true.

    Three Stars

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