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    A GAME OF PATIENCE by Elisabeth Fairchild

    Signet Regency Romance, May 2002

    Patience Ballard has been in love with Pip since she was a young child. Now she's an adult, ready for her season, but Pip is already engaged to another. She resolves to find some way to win Pip's attention, to give herself a chance before Pip is snatched from her forever. The adult Pip is beautiful, purely sexy, and attacks life with a joy that makes everything a game. Still, does Patience really want everything to be a game, especially love? Patience's other childhood friend, Richard, is everything that Pip is not--steady, dependable, and thoughtful. Yet, Patience learns that Richard is also secretly in love--apparently with a married woman. What is a girl to do?

    Author Elisabeth Fairchild (see more reviews of novels by this author) does a wonderful job depicting that odd moment in history known as the Regency Period. Aristocrats party while the masses go hungry and everyone is concerned about reputation and the risk of being ruined. Patience begins as a flighty aristocrat but gradually sees beneath the surface of society, becoming a more complete person--and a person capable of an adult relationship. Still, can she learn the difference between passion and love--before it is too late?

    Four Stars

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