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    Review of HIS E-MAIL ORDER WIFE by Kristi Gold

    Silhouette Desire #1454, August 2002

    Rich Drew Connelly is looking forward to seeing his young daughter after a month in Europe--but he's not so pleased when he learns that his daughter and his grandmother have conspired to find him a wife. Using the Internet and e-mail, the two matchmakers have tracked down a woman they feel certain is perfect for Drew. Drew has been through one marriage--and the only good thing that came out of it was his wonderful daughter. Another is out of the question--but Kristina Simmons is so darn sexy.

    Kristina Simmons isn't the kind of woman to fall in love, especially not over the Internet. She's certain she's too large to be attractive and uncertain about what kind of man Drew might be. Still, his 50 e-mails have convinced her that he's interesting--and he does claim that her looks don't matter. It doesn't take long for her heart to go out to the powerful man--or his darling daughter. Still, he seems to be hiding some secret.

    Author Kristi Gold provides a modern twist to the concept of the mail-order-bride through her use of the Internet. Drew and Kritina deliver sexy chemistry together and provide an affirming message of accepting your body rather than allowing shape to dictate self-esteem.

    Because Drew and Kristina quickly fall in love, the dark moment centers around external rather than internal conflict--around misunderstanding rather than the basic goals of the two characters. I would have found the story more compelling if the resolution could have been reached more through character growth.

    Two Stars

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