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    THE DRIVEN SNOW by Cathy Yardley

    HARLEQUIN BLAZE # 14, November 2001

    When she has a cancer scare, beautiful librarian Angela Snowe realizes that she has put too much of her life on hold--and the first thing she wants to do is lose that pesky virginity. Josh Montgomery is handsome, rich, and known to be available so it's natural for her to ask him for help with her little problem. Josh doesn't know what hit him. He likes women but only for a week or two at a time. Angela is different. From the first time he meets her, definitely from the first time they make love, he wants more--a lot more. Only Angela is afraid to give herself to him.

    Josh plots, plans, and schemes to win Angela and she falls for him in a big way, but beneath her love lingers a fear. Josh wants her, but he can't back off enough to give her her own space, let her follow the rules that she so carefully sets up for herself. Does having Josh mean that she will have to deny herself all of those other dreams she's held?

    Author Cathy Yardley combines hot passion with an intriguing hero. Josh is an interesting mix of alpha male and scheming beta male, doing a good job in allowing passionate sexual encounters at the same time as the fundamental emotional issues are growing more pressing. I would have liked to see more of what made these two characters right for each other--beyond the perfect sex, however.

    Three Stars

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