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    DRIVE ME WILD by Julie Ortolon

    Dell Publishing

    by staff

    Former bad-boy turned TV anchor Brent Michaels returns to his home town to participate in a "Dating Game" fundraiser. He chooses his childhood pal Laura Morgan for his date, never dreaming he would be so attracted to her. Laura, everybody's "good girl," finds that Brent brings out a wild side of her she never imagined. Suddenly dreams she'd long suppressed are fighting their way to the surface. A late bloomer, she's blooming like nobody's business. But her ultimate dream--marrying Brent--seems way out of reach. Because no matter how much Brent cares for her, he's not cut out for marriage and commitment.

    The focus of DRIVE ME WILD seems to shift around a lot. Is it a bad-boy-returns story? Or a best-friends-turned-lovers story? Or a man-can't-commit story? It's a little of all of these. Also, the conflict Laura has with her domineering, overprotective father has potential that's never quite realized, and it resolves too easily. Still, DRIVE ME WILD is an entertaining page-turner, very well written, with a fast pace and likeable characters. There are laugh-out-loud moments and tender emotions, too. Ms. Ortolon's first book is an admirable effort, and I'll be looking for her next.

    Three Stars Purchase DRIVE ME WILD from