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    THE DETECTIVE AND THE D.A. by Leann Harris

    Silhouette Intimate Moments #1152, May 2002

    Four years before, after they'd lost their child in a miscarriage, Kelly Whalen and Tony Ashcroft (Ash) divorced. Now, they are forced to work together on an old case--thrown out on appeal. When their bosses order them to pretend to be dating as an excuse to participate in Houston Texas's social scene, both soon realize that they may have left their marriage behind, but they haven't dealt with the sexual tension that sizzles between them. Both Kelly and Ash get uneasy feelings about the case--could the wrong man have been convicted? Yet to truly re-open the case will require them to spend even more time together. They find that they have to risk both physical harm and that even greater risk--their hearts.

    Author Leann Harris (see also our reviews of other novels by this author)delivers a page-turning mix of sexual tension and adventure. Although clues to the identity of the real killer soon emerge, finding enough evidence to convict is harder, and Harris does a fine job describing the investigation and the dangers that face her protagonists. Fans of romantic suspense may find that, like me, they couldn't stop reading until they had finished this fine novel.

    Four Stars

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