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    MY DADDY THE DUKE by Judy Christenberry (see her website)

    Harlequin American Romance, July, 1998

    Sydney Thomas has her hands full with her tractor-trailer and someone who's been stalking her on the CB airwaves. When she hears someone outside her truck at night, she grabs her gun and comes out ready to take care of business. The last thing she expects to find is a cute six year old and her all too sexy, and single, dad. From this beginning, Sydney, Robert Morris, and Penelope (Pen) roll across the United States pursued by Sydney's stalker and the thousands of single women who recognize Robert as an English Duke and one of the worlds wealthiest and most eligible bachelors.

    This sequel to Christenberry's A COWBOY AT HEART tells the story of Robert, older brother to Pete. Robert is convinced that he has no use for a wife despite facing the constant match making of both his mother and his daughter who sets her sights on Sydney as her new mother. Burned in his late marriage by a wife who cared only about his wealth, Robert is unwilling to listen to his heart. When he finally proposes a marriage based on everything but love, Sydney flees. She's lost her heart to him and cannot accept anything but true love in return.

    In recent years, Judy Christenberry (see also reviews of other novels by this author) has broken the charts at Harlequin Amerian. With MY DADDY THE DUKE, it's easy to see why. Christenberry further develops the character of Robert's and Pete's mother, Lady Hereford, making her far more sympathetic in her goal to find the perfect wife for each of her sons and rewarding readers who follow the series. Pen is a beautiful addition to Christenberry's menagerie of charming and match-making children. The book will put a smile on your face as Robert tries to duck out of the grasp of the thousands of women who are chasing him, only to fall into the arms of the one woman in the world who doesn't want to be interested in him, but can't keep herself from falling in love.

    Follow this link to purchase MY DADDY THE DUKE.

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