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    DADDY'S DOUBLE DUE DATE by Belinda Barnes

    Silhouette Romance #1587, April 2002

    Ashley Morgen has invested everything she owns into her one chance to have a child and the last thing she needs is the sperm bank donor showing up and threatening to sue for paternity rights. Especially if he's a lawyer like her ex-husband, and especially if she can't help being attracted despite her promise never to depend on a man again. Hunter Morgan lost a child once, years before. He swears that it will never happen again, even if Ashley's conception was the result of a terrible accident at the sperm bank. When Ashley's pregnancy develops complications--partly because she is carrying twins, his protective instincts move into full swing. And the obvious sexual attraction to the young mom isn't a bad side benefit.

    Author Belinda Barnes has created two characters whose baggage from the past threatens the present that they can make together. Can they open up enough, trust one another enough, when trust and openness have brought only pain? As circumstances and Hunter's dogged determination to be a good father even if it kills him drive them together, Hunter's unwillingness to deal with his past threaten to undermine any hope for a happy-ever-after. Barnes's writing will make you cheer the two on--and empathize with their trials.

    Four Stars

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