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    CRAZY FOR YOU by Jennifer Crusie (see her website)

    St. Martin's Press, 1999

    High school art teacher Quinn McKenzie is the dependable one, the sensible one. She's always done what everyone else expected, like a good girl. Now, suddenly, at age 35, she decides to do one small thing just for herself--she adopts a stray dog. But that one gesture starts a domino effect, and pretty soon she's moved out on her boyfriend, bought a funky house, cut her hair, and kissed her best friend, Nick Ziegler.

    The whole town is talking about it. And her acts of defiance rub off on other people--her mother, her friend Darla, her student Thea. Seems everyone's gone crazy. And poor Quinn ends up with two men crazy for her--one of whom she really doesn't want.

    Ms. Crusie (see more reviews of novels by this author) does a nifty job blending humor with a touch of suspense. The villain's creep factor builds slowly, and the glimpses into his growing insanity are chilling. Yet the tone is never too heavy--there's a laugh waiting around every corner. Great summer reading from an author with a strong voice, great characters, and a unique funny bone.

    Four Stars

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