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    CIRCLE OF GOLD by Diana Palmer

    Silhouette Romance, 2000

    Fresh out of secretarial school, Kasie Mayfield is ready to type, work the spreadsheets, and take dictation and Gil Callister's ranch looks like the right place. He's not interested in women so Kasie will have time to heal from the tragedies that have impacted her life--she doesn't count on the devastating impact the handsome rancher will have on her sensibilities, nor the way his two young daughters will tug on her heartstrings.

    Gil is up to his eyeballs in beautiful women trying to move in on him. Hiring Kasie seems like just the right approach--she isn't beautiful. Except she starts to grow on him, especially the way she relates to his children. It almost makes him think about being a family again. Certainly Gil gets uncomfortable feelings whenever he sees Kasie with another man.

    CIRCLE OF GOLD brings together two wounded people who find in one another what they need to recover and to become more than they could be on their own. Gil's daughters help heal Kasie from the loss of her niece and twin brother.

    Somewhat marred by clunky writing and Gil's predictable overly-emotional jumps to unwarranted conclusions, CIRCLE OF GOLD is still a satisfying romance with enough going on below the surface to warrant a read. Fans of Diana Palmer won't want to miss this FREE short (184 pages) novel set in the mountains of Montana, USA.

    Two Stars

    CIRCLE OF GOLD is available, free, directly from e-Harlequin. Follow this link to register. I did--there's no obligation and they don't send more books that you have to return or anything. It's a great offer (and gets a buck if you register after following the link. (Note--this offer may have expired)