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    Review of CHARMING THE PRINCE by Teresa Medeiros (see her website)

    Bantam, April 1999

    Lord Bannor has defeated many enemies, but the dozen children waiting for him in his own castle are too much. Clearly they need a mother. Clearly the one thing he does not need is more children. The answer is obvious--a loveless marriage to a madona-type who will cherish the children and protect him from their exuberance.

    Willow of Bedlington has gave up her childhood to raise her step-siblings, and the half-siblings that came after them. When a strange offer of marriage comes along, she thinks only of escape. She doesn't expect to find the prince of her dreams come true. Nor does Bannor expect this beautiful vision. In fact, a tempting, sexy wife is the farthest thing from his mind--or it would be if he could stop thinking about her.

    Still, taming the small herd of children, bringing love into a family that Bannor has seen so rarely that he doesn't even know all the childrens' names is a challenge for both of them. A challenge that descends to all-out war before it can rise to sensual delights.

    Author Teresa Medeiros delivers a funny, emotionally rewarding historical. Bannor, with his background as a bastard son and his life spent at war for his king is the perfect damaged hero. Willow is classic cinderella, but with the determination and decisiveness to be her own fairy godmother. CHARMING THE PRINCE is a definite keeper.

    1999 RITA Finalist

    Four Stars

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