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    BUILT TO LAST by Cynthia Scott

    Avalon Romance, February 2002

    Marilyn Waters returns to Texas to repair and sell her aunt's house hoping that the money will be enough to capitalize her business. It should be easy, but nothing is easy where Max Connors is concerned. Max, the boy she lost her heart to as a teenager. Max, the young man who scorned her when she turned eighteen. Max, the only man in Connorsville who can do justice to her aunt's beautiful old victorian home. She knows she should have learned her lesson when Max rejected her, but can you really learn that kind of lesson--especially if you have to spend time with a man who looks even more like a Greek God than he did as a kid?

    Max Connors has had his heart broken once, and once was plenty. Just because Marilyn sents his pulse into overdrive doesn't mean she is the woman for him. She's only in Texas for a few weeks. After that, she'll return to Chicago, just as his ex-fiancee left Connorsville to head to New York. He doesn't need the grief, but he can't make himself stay away either.

    Author Cynthia Scott (see also other reviews of novels by this author) tells a heartwarming tale of reunion with this story of two damaged individuals who may find healing in each other's arms, or who may only be on the path to more hurting. The construction project on Marilyn's aunt's home serves as a metaphor for their growing relationship, with the hidden termites in the home reflecting the dangers that lay hidden within the secret that Marilyn holds close to her heart.

    With plenty of small town feeling and a writer's eye for the details of Texas, home construction, and Texas Fourth of July fairs, BUILT TO LAST is a pleasure to read.

    Four Stars

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