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    THE BRIDE WORE GYM SHOES By Jacqueline Diamond

    Harlequin Duets, August, 1999

    Krista Lund s psysic friend Ruth predicted that she would marry, wearing gym shoes of all things. Krista didn t intend to marry anybody, but Ruth s predictions had a way of coming true. A fake marriage, followed by a fake trip to Las Vegas where she could earn a little money helping private detective Conner Fallon (the groom of the vision), seemed like the easiest way out of the forecast dilemna. Krista knows what she needs from life--stability and reliability. As a marriage counselor, she knows exactly what happens when women fall for the adventure and excitement thing--and it isn t good. Conner is the opposite of what she needs--unfortunately, he s exactly what she wants.

    In a comic romp, Krista and Conner save a bashful millionairess, nearly create an international film scandal, and finally realize that they can only achieve their real needs together. At her real wedding, the red gym shoes really do make sense and Krista realizes that a strong protective male doesn t have to be boring.

    Duets is a new packaging scheme offered by Harlequin. For the price of one book, you get two complete novels. Packaged with THE BRIDE WORE GYM SHOES is MADDIE S MILLIONAIRE by Tracy South.

    Four Stars

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