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    THE BRIDE'S FATHER by Amy Eastlake

    BooksForABuck February 2001

    The Bride's Father cover Brad Mittermann spent his childhood bouncing from foster home to foster home. Now that he is a single father, his primary goal in life is to save his daughter from the pain he went through. When Chrissie announces that she's going to marry her boyfriend to get away from Brad's control, Brad grows desparate. He's got to save her from making a terrible mistake.

    Mitzi Jordan left men behind her when her son Kyle's father abandoned the two of them. While Brad Mitterman may generate all sorts of sensual thoughts, Mitzi knows better than to fall in love. All Brad wants is to keep their children apart. He's willing to do anything, even propose marriage, to prevent it. Mitzi has already been through a marriage without love. Yet can she keep from falling in love with Brad? Could she even consider marrying a man who can't see life without attempting to control it?

    In THE BRIDE'S FATHER, Amy Eastlake (see all reviews of novels by this author) has written a sensual and moving story of a man and a woman who fill key needs in one another's lives, yet who represent everything the others stand against. Mitzi has fought her entire life for independence from a controlling family. Can she simply let Brad take over? Brad fights the memories of his youth--and sees Mitzi encouraging the same lack of control. Still, they share a love for their children, a willingness to sacrifice for what they believe in, and a nobility of purpose. The reader will cheer for their success.

    Eastlake's dry sense of humor, quick-paced dialogue, and realistic relationships between parents and teen-aged children make reading THE BRIDE'S FATHER a pleasure. BooksForABuck is pleased to offer this novel in our $1 Romance Collection.

    Four Stars

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