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    THE BEST BLIND DATE IN TEXAS by Victoria Chancellor (see her website)

    Harlequin American Romance #884, July 2001

    Everyone in Ranger Springs, Texas knows that Gray Phillips is the perfect date. He's young, handsome, rich, charming, and he goes out with all the women the Ranger Springs matchmakers set him up with. Of course, he only goes out with them once. That's his rule and he isn't going to break it. Serious dating can only lead to trouble and women falling in love. Gray is far past that and he know better. Except beautiful Dr. Amy Wheatley makes him want to break all of his rules.

    Gray takes Amy on the perfect blind date to a medical fund-raising event, but then he doesn't want it to be over. He tells himself he has to maintain his reputation as the best date in town, but he knows he wants to spend more time with Amy. Once their date is over, he needs to see her again--and all of a sudden the constant matchmaking from the Ranger Springs older set isn't quite so amusing. He doesn't want to date just anybody. When Amy suggests that they pretend to date, he leaps for the chance. Spending time with a woman with no commitments and no expectations on either side is just what the doctor ordered.

    It was a brilliant idea, but it doesn't take Amy long to realize that it had backfired. Pretend dating seems too much like real dating. Pretend romance starts to feel like the real thing. Before she knows it, Amy has fallen in love with Gray--a man who swears that love is a myth--a myth he doesn't subscribe to, doesn't believe in, and certainly isn't feeling. Can Amy settle for close but no cigar?

    The small town setting, interfering and matchmaking neighbors, and traditional values makes THE BEST BLIND DATE IN TEXAS a classic Harlequin American Romance. Author Victoria Chancellor (see more reviews of novels by Victoria Chancellor) is a talented writer who takes an cute premise and spins it into a complete romance. Amusing characters from Ranger Springs (like the incompetent heating mechanic) give the novel more depth and give Amy a back story that helps explain both her willingness to go along with the charade and her need for a real love rather than the counterfeit kind that Gray believes is all she has to offer.

    Four Stars


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