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    BIG CITY BACHELOR by Ingrid Weaver

    Harlequin American #828, May 2000

    Country girl Lizzie Hammill inherits half a hugely successful Manhatten ad agency from an Uncle she doesn’t even know. The inheritance gives her an opportunity to do something she’s always wanted to do--make it big in the big city. Her siblings are on their own now, and she finds the idea of being a corporate partner immensely appealing.

    Alexander Whitmore has other ideas. He fully intends to buy Lizzie’s half from her immediately so that at last the agency can be under his sole control. He’s horrified at the idea of some country bumpkin from Packenham Junction making decisions with his agency. Neither will budge, and they end up making a wild bet--Lizzie will run the company for one month, and Alex, who mistakenly believes running a house is easy, will stay at home and take care of his rambunctious twins. The last one standing wins, more or less.

    Although the premise is preposterous, that doesn’t seem to matter as you read Ms. Weaver’s seamless prose. I was sucked in completely, laughing at all the right places, even at the inevitable slapstick scenes with Alex putting too much soap in the washing machine and burning spaghetti. The twin boys were very funny--not your usual “cute kids who just want a mommy.” This is romantic fantasy pure and simple, and on that level it succeeds admirably.

    Three Stars

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