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    THE BACHELOR PROJECT by Victoria Chancellor (see her website)

    Harlequin American Romance # 844, September 2000

    Interior decorator Robin Cummings has fled big-city Houston for Ranger Springs in the Texas Hill Country. After deciding to call off her marriage only two weeks before the wedding, she's very much persona non grata with her ex-fiance, her parents, and all of her friends. A couple of months alone is what she needs to get her thoughts in order. The last thing she needs is a hot relationship with hunky Ranger Springs Police Chief Ethan Parker.

    Ethan knows trouble when he sees her. He's been left on the alter twice already and learned that lesson. A big-city woman like Robin isn't going to consider Ranger Springs as home. Worse, he knows way too much about women who change their minds at the last minute--the kind of woman Robin admits to being. Still, she doesn't seem like other woman. She seems interested in him, in finding out what is inside of him. When she helps him redecorate his home, he actually learns something about himself--and not just about how good it feels to be close to this desirable woman. The sexual tension sizzles, but neither wants a summer affair. After all, Robin's career, friends, and life are back in Houston.

    Both Robin and Ethan need to wrestle with their own demons before they can open themselves to romance and to happiness--even with pushes from their match-making great aunts. Victoria Chancellor (see more reviews of novels by Victoria Chancellor) is a talented new addition to the Harlequin American line. Her descriptions evoke the beautiful Texas Hill country and her depiction of small-town Texas life rings true. THE BACHELOR PROJECT will catch you quick and hold on until you turn the last page.

    Four Stars

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