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    Baby Don't Go by Susan Andersen

    Avon Books, May 2000

    Nine years ago, Nick Coltrane had bedded Daisy Parker, stolen her virginity with words of love, then walked away. Now he wants to hire Daisy as his bodyguard. She needs the money, but can she trust herself to guard his body without putting her own body--and heart--into danger?

    Nick Coltrane is a photographer with a reputation for integrity. With his sister in serious trouble, he may have to sacrifice this and offer an explosive photo to the tabloids--the same tabloids that ruined Daisy's mother's life with stories fed to them by his father (and Daisy's mother's ex-wife). He certainly can't tell Daisy he needs protection against a man trying to prevent Nick from doing exactly the same type of damage to his reputation. Still, he knows exactly what lying to Daisy will mean. He certainly hasn't forgotten that one night years before and still wonders if he might have made a mistake.

    Susan Andersen has written a sexy novel about two people who can't keep their hands off one another's body even though each represents the other's greatest fears. Between each bout of lovemaking, they must fight off thugs. Serving as bodyguard in Nick's upper class surroundings forces Daisy to dress up--making her all the more delectable to Nick. The relationship between Nick's sister and her husband forms a sexy sub-plot.

    Three Stars

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