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    ARE YOU MY DADDY by Leanna Wilson

    Silhouette Romance
    November, 1998

    Joe Rawlins knows he lost his wife and his unborn child because of his rodeo obsession. Rather than help keep them safe on a dangerous road, he let them fend for themselves, with tragic results. The last thing he wants, the thing he fears most in the world, is responsibility for another wife and child. He blew his chances for good. When five year-old Cody Thomas falls from a bucking sheep and is injured, Joe leaps in to rescue him, but only for a moment. He intends to be moving on.

    Marty Thomas has had it with rodeo cowboys. Codyís father is full of promises, but he never manages to live up to his word, not for Cody and certainly not for herself. Still, he is Codyís father. When Cody awakens from his coma, he thinks Joe is his dad and wonít let go of the idea. Marty convinces Joe to play along, even though she knows he will tug every string on her heart.

    In ARE YOU MY DADDY, Leanna Wilson convincingly tells the story of Texas, the land, rodeos, and a man and a woman who must overcome their deepest fears, and grow beyond the terrible wounds that made them afraid to face the world and themselves. Marty and Joe need each other if they are to heal. When Cody vanishes and his real father proves incapable of even caring, each finally confronts their private demons. Together they face one last opportunity to become worthy of one anotherís love--and worthy of the family they can make together.

    Wilson has written a compelling and emotional romance that demonstrates why young children and cowboys remain such popular staples of romantic fiction while bringing new life to these archetypes.

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    Four Stars

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