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    APHRODITE'S KISS by Julie Kenner

    Leisure Lovespell, April 2001

    Zoe Smith is no ordinary librarian, for she is a member of a magical race of people known as "protectors" whose mission is to save human beings' lives--using super powers. Zoe, known as a "halfling" because her mother was human, wants more than anything to be awarded her "superhero" status on her 25th birthday. But because her powers are less than reliable, she must undergo a test, which involves besting her cousin Mordichai, also a halfling, and gaining possession of a magical stone which Mordichai intends to use as a means to control the whole world.

    George Bailey Taylor, struggling private investigator, wants more than anything to fall in love and marry an ordinary woman. He thinks that woman is Zoe--until he realizes she has some rather peculiar abilities. Mordichai hires Taylor to find the magic stone, which directly embroils him in Zoe's life. Zoe and Taylor immediately fall in love, which complicates matters (protectors and humans are not supposed to pair up, though obviously they do sometimes, usually with disastrous results).

    Julie Kenner has cooked up an over-the-top story more suited to a comic book than a novel. But if one is in the mood for some pure escapism (and I mean escaping way, way out there), the book is good for some laughs. The hero and heroine are extremely likeable, and the secondary characters, especially Zoe's brother Hale (who can talk to his pet ferret) and her best friend Deena (who was featured in Kenner's previous book, THE CAT'S FANCY), are quite entertaining. The whole thing is fluffy but somehow endearing.

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    Two Stars

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