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    Review of AMELIA AND THE OUTLAW by Lorraine Heath (see her website)

    An Avon True Romance, 2003

    Jess Lawton may be only 19, but he's already served four years of his sentence for bank robbery--with another four to go. When a new judge reviews his sentence and decides to let him work off his remaining time on the judge's ranch in Fort Worth, Texas, Jess is grateful, but he knows better than to think that he'll be treated like a responsible person. Once an outlaw, always an outlaw. And the judge's rules seem certain to have him sent back to prison long before the four years are up. Especially that one rule about not talking to the judge's daughter Amelia.

    Amelia Harper can't understand the fascination that Jess holds for her, but there's no denying it. She wants to talk with him, learn all about him, and discover the truth about the man--and the child that became an outlaw. When she sees him gentle her wild horse, she knows that there is something fundamentally good about him. When she touches him for the first time, it does things to her that no man's touch has done before. Although she knows she's putting him at risk, she can't help seek him out--perhaps to gentle him as he gentled her wild filly.

    Author Lorraine Heath (see more reviews of novels by this author) delivers a powerfully emotional tale. Jess has never known love and doesn't know how to respond to it. Like the horses he tames, he wants to run wild, but also dreams of the comforts of a place he could call home. Heath writes tellingly of the assumption of guilt that an outlaw faces and the way that every act he takes will be seen as evidence of guilt. And when things look brightest, a new disaster is certain to follow.

    AMELIA AND THE OUTLAW is an Avon True Romance novel--a series intended for young adults and featuring teenaged heros and heroines. The emotional depth of Heath's novel makes this a fine read for any age.

    Four Stars

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