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    LET ME WHISPER IN YOUR EAR by Mary Jane Clark

    St. Martin's Press, September 2000

    Laura Walsh doesn't know why she's been selected as protoge by news magazine host Gwyneth Gilpatric, but she's happy about it. She's living her dream in television. Her ability to present a ready-made obituary when Gwyneth is murdered gives her that definite leg up to success. But only if her idea, to make a documentary on an old amusement park leads to something interesting. An old corpse of a long-vanished child adds a macabre appeal to the story.

    There are certainly plenty of people who have reason to wish Gwyneth dead. Laura inherits her money. Her plastic surgeon feared she would expose his Parkinson's disease. Her producer feared losing her to CBS. Her producer's wife resented her for stealing her husband's love. But which of them actually pushed her off her rooftop? Hints about the true killer are there, but are buried amongst the red herrings.

    LET ME WHISPER IN YOUR EAR starts slowly, but picks up speed arond the halfway point as the killer must kill again to protect him/herself. Despite occasionally clunky writing, you'll find yourself compelled forward by the story and the increasing danger to Laura. Ultimately, the reader's satisfaction is diminished by Mary Jane Clark's decision not to more tightly couple the long-ago death at the amusement park and Gwyneth's murder.

    One Star

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