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    VOODOO MOON by Ed Gorman

    St. Martin's Minotaur, August 2000

    Twenty-five years ago in tiny Brenner, Iowa, a psychiatric hospital was burned to the ground by one of the patients, a man by the name of Paul Renard who was into voodoo--in a very sick way. Renard escaped but is presumed dead. Now a young woman has been murdered amidst signs of voodoo, and her ex-boyfriend, the obvious suspect, claims he was possessed by Renard's spirit.

    This is the scenario into which our hero, former FBI profiler Robert Payne, thrusts himself, along with TV psychic Tandy Payne, his former lover. Tandy, who believes she is losing her powers, asked Robert to come help her with the investigation in the hostile town.

    This was a well-written, fast-paced book with lots of twists and turns, and Payne, with his FBI background, makes for an interesting sleuth. The plot, however, stretched the bounds of my believability--some of it just didn't make logical sense to me, and the odd mix of psychological thriller with gothic undertones just didn't ... feel right. However, it was still a fast and fun read, and though I guessed some things right, the author had me fooled as to who the real murderer was. This is worth picking up, especially if you're already a Gorman fan (click here to see reviews of other books by Ed Gorman).

    Two Stars

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