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    MRS. POLLIFAX UNVEILED by Dorothy Gilman

    Ballantine Books, 2000

    Mrs. Pollifax, a middle-aged garden club lecturer has a secret life as a top CIA agent. In this episode of the popular Mrs. Pollifax series, Pollifax, along with longtime sidekick John Sebastian Farrell, is sent to Syria to rescue Amanda Pye, heroine in a failed plane hijacking. Pye has been held captive in an Arab Brotherhood (terrorist group) camp and trained as an assassin. Pollifax must disguise herself and her growing crew of "nephews" (including an archeologist and a CIA spy) as Arab sheep herders.

    Gilman uses a spare, almost juvenile style to present her narrative. The adventure never slows as Pollifax richoches from one danger to the next. Her friendly nature always seems to turn up friends when she needs one, and she proves to be a true friend as well.

    Two Stars

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