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    TROUBLE BECOMES HER by Laura Van Wormer (see the Laura Van Wormer website)


    Mira, November 2001

    Sally Harrington enjoys her job at DBS News in New York even if it does involve working weird hours, covering for a boss who is keeping her cancer treatments a secret, and frequent travel. When she's asked to work on a special on a Mafia murder case, Sally has qualms, however. She is expected to be called as a witness in the case. Still, as he boss explains, who better to present the news.

    When the police find a murdered body in the trunk of Sally's rental car, the story escalates from simple news to escalating danger. Sally's life is repeatedly threatened, yet she has no clue why anyone would be trying to kill her, nor how she manages to escape. Unfortunately, at this exact moment, Sally's love life explodes. Suddenly she finds herself with a student-intern with a crush, two men who want to reestablish former relationships, and a beautiful movie star who wouldn't mind broadening Sally's love horizons.

    Author Laura Van Wormer's writing (see more reviews of novels by Laura Van Wormer) is spunky and Sally comes across as a character--certain to provide some smiles to the reader. I found it disconcerting, however, that Sally worries more about where her relationships are going than about repeated attempts to murder her. In a mystery novel like this, I would have thought that Sally would have exerted more efforts toward either protecting herself or finding the truth about what is actually happening. In fact, other people provide her with this information without Sally having to take time out of her busy schedule.

    TROUBLE BECOMES HER is an enjoyable read that just misses clicking into high gear.

    Two Stars

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