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    Review of TORNADO BAIT by Amy Eastlake


    A exclusive E-Book, July, 2002

    Tornado Bait by Amy Eastlake cover It isn't easy trying to make a living managing a Dallas trailer park and writing shareware game software but Tina Anderson doesn't complain--too much. Especially since hunky Billy Love had moved in. But when a dismembered body turns up in Billy's trailer's sewage tank, things start to deteriorate. Tina is certain that Billy isn't a murderer, but the evidence certainly points in his direction. When another murder strikes her park, Tina herself becomes a suspect.

    With the help of her prostitute girlfriend Angie, her ex-husband Andy, and a host of trailer park residents, Tina tries to get to the bottom of the case--while staying out of jail herself. Since most everyone in the park has secrets to hide, Tina has to think fast--and set traps that catch the murderer instead of backfiring on herself.

    Author Amy Eastlake (see all reviews of novels by this author) writes with an approachable and quirky style. I found myself laughing out loud at some of Tina's exploits. (Note: Tina Anderson returns in Amy Eastlake's continuing TEXAS TRAILER PARK mystery series)

    Four Stars

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    Here's what KnowBetter (see their site) had to say about TORNADO BAIT: '(Editor's Note: I highly recommend Tornado Bait in the Mystery section...great read!) '

    TORNADO BAIT has been selected for the Beach Reads Reading List. Thanks, and great job, Amy Eastlake. Check it out.

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