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    Thomas Dunne, St. Martin's Minotaur December 2000

    A beautiful woman is found dead in a hotel room where she'd registered under the name of Police Superintendent Gil Mayo's daughter. There are plenty of suspects--beautiful women tend to leave broken hearts behind them--plus there is an unsavory air of blackmail. But was Kat the intended victim, or was Julie Mayo supposed to be dead? And if Julie wasn't the intended victim, where is she and why hasn't she come forward once her best friend was killed?

    With his personal involvement in the case, Mayo has to turn over police duties to his assistant, Abigail Moon. Although he can't control the operation, he can work to track down his own daughter. Julie isn't where she said she would be, however, and Mayo is at a loss. He learns he didn't know his daughter as well as he'd thought, but surely she could not have been involved in murder.

    After a slow start, Marjorie Eccles (see reviews of other mysteries by Marjorie Eccles) picks up the pace in THE SUPERINTENDENT'S DAUGHTER. The police investigation and Mayo's personal investigation continue, each turning up bits of the truth until, gradually, a picture starts to emerge. Eccles style does distance the reader from both criminal and sleuths' emotions. This mystery is more cerebral than gutty with a proper British feel and unwillingness to push too deeply into people's secrets.

    Two Stars

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