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    STEPIN' ON A RAINBOW by Kinky Friedman (see the Kinky Friedman website)

    Simon & Schuster, 2001

    When Kinky Friedman's friend Mike McGovern vanishes while visiting Hawaii, Kinky isn't much concerned. McGovern vanishes all the time, only to turn up a day or so later with a babe, a hangover, or a story. When McGovern doesn't turn up after a couple of days, though, Kinky starts to worry and when he gets a 'man in trouble' call, he gets really concerned. Along with the beautiful Stephanie, Stephanie's annoying dogs, and multi-millionaire John McCall, Kinky heads for beautiful Hawaii.

    Once in Hawaii, Kinky, McCall, and Hoover (a Kinky friend with whom McGovern was staying) go to work plastering Honolulu with missing person signs, checking the insane institutions, and drinking up a storm (Stephanie accompanies occasionally, lets them know how inadequate they are, and generally lives up to her title as ball-breaker). All their action, however, doesn't seem to be leading them any closer to McGovern. It isn't until Kinky has a mystic dream about Hawiian gods that they start to find real clues--but the real clues just might lead to the whole group's demise.

    Kinky Friedman writes a funny book shot full of allusions (some of which actually make sense), and insights into people (see more reviews of Kinky Friedman novels). If you like Friedman, you'll be overjoyed to find another novel with the wit and wisdom of Kinky once again. Given that you read the book for these insights, I thought STEPIN' ON A RAINBOW was just a little sparse and somewhat repetitive. Still, it's definitely an entertaining read.

    Two Stars

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