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    Review of STEPS TO THE ALTAR by Earlene Fowler


    Berkley Prime Crime, April 2002

    Benni Harper has got too much going on in her life to get involved in an ancient unsolved murder case. She's got to plan for two weddings, a Mardi Gras party, and then there's the little matter of her husband's old girlfriend showing up--and looking very much like she has her claws out for Gabe Harper. Still, once she learns about the 50-year-old murder and the woman who supposedly killed her husband, Benni can't rest until she learns more. How could a marriage that started so well have gone so badly so quickly? At some level, her own marriage problems become transferred to her need to solve the mystery.

    Author Earlene Fowler does a wonderful job delivering an emotionally rich mystery. Bennie is a teriffic character with a full set of skills and fears. Her job at the local California museum gives her the ability to track down ancient clues to the long-forgotten mystery--a mystery that still rankles with many of the older residents.

    Her concerns about her husband's love, and increasing understanding of the murder make it hard for Bennie to put all of her positive attention on the upcoming weddings, but somehow Fowler manages to pull all of this together into an emotionally satisfying story.

    Four Stars

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