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    SHAKESPEAR'S COUNSELOR by Charlaine Harris


    St. Martin's Minotaur, November 2001

    Lily Bard joins a rape recovery group to help deal with her own issues. She doesn't expect to have to deal with the counselor's issues too. Except that psychological counselor Tamsin Lynd has problems. Although she has fled her previous home, someone has followed, stalking her, staking out a dead squirrel in her yard, and finally escalating to murder. Lily knows she won't find peace herself until she helps track down the person who is doing these things--or could Tamsin be doing them herself?

    Author Charlaine Harris (see more reviews of novels by this author) writes sympathetically about a woman whose faith in men was brutally betrayed and who is fighting to restore at least part of this trust. What happens to Tamsin shakes Lily's relationship with her new husband Jack, and threatens to open all of her old wounds. Harris's descriptions of small town living in Shakespeare, Arkansas also ring true, vividly presenting a part of the world that is alien to many of us without either glorifying or diminishing its unique character.

    SHAKESPEARE'S COUNSELOR delivers fine character development, character growth, and a compelling mystery plot. This short (232 pages in the hardback edition) novel delivers an emotional wallop.

    Well done.

    Four Stars

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