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    SHADOWS OF SIN by Rochelle Krich


    William Morrow, 2001

    A Los Angeles plastic surgeon and his staff are brutally shot and killed and LAPD detective Jessie Drake is assigned the case. There are plenty of motives--a patient has threatened revenge over a botched job, a nurse was recently fired, and the doctor has a history of affairs. Of course the family is always suspected. Yet, even with plenty of suspects, the hard evidence to convict anyone isn't there. And the one suspect Drake most wants to talk to, the adopted son of the slain doctor, keeps slipping through her hands.

    Author Rochelle Krich has created a wonderful character in Jessie Drake. Her confused love life (she has recently ended an affair with her ex-husband), her history of abuse as a child, her fear of heights, and her exploration of her Jewish heritage add depth and interest. Like Drake, the mystery in SHADOWS OF SIN comes in layers of complexity with first one suspect, then another taking the primary position, with reality staying one step ahead of both Drake and the reader.

    SHADOWS OF SIN is a fast-reading and page turning adventure. The killer is smart enough to throw suspicion off, and to play with everyone's sympathy, yet Drake is a bulldog after the truth. Topical references to the LAPD Ramparts nightmare add to the immediacy of the novel.

    Four Stars

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