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    Review of SEEING IS DECEIVING by Roderic Jeffries


    Severn House, 2002

    When Inspector Alvarez of the Mallorca Cuerpo is asked to look into a noise heard outside of the closed shutters of some of the island's expatriot bungalows, he suspects that the wind is the problem--and that he won't have to miss one of his cognac over ice drinks. When he finds that there was no wind, he wonders if another explanation might prevail--an explanation that leads to murder.

    The death of a young man might be an accident, but it might also be murder. Alvarez bucks his boss, who merely wishes to close the case and his own self-interest (Alvarez is primarilly interested in sleeping and eating although he isn't completely averse to the idea of young female companionship) to continue an investigation into a murder that really shouldn't have happened. After all, what possible reason could anyone have for killing the young man? Apparently unconnected, Alvarez is also asked to help an English police officer investigate a torture/murder.

    Author Roderic Jeffries (see reviews of other novels by this author) delivers a delightful mystery. The island of Mallorca comes alive as Alvarez deals with his home life (a distant cousin and her family), his job, his craving for fine alcohol and food, and a sense of dogged determination to continue looking for the truth no matter that doing so makes it difficult for him to enjoy any of these. Of course, he can often justify putting off his work--and especially his reports--until Monday.

    SEEING IS DECEIVING is a wonderful story and a fine mystery.

    Four Stars

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