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    RED LIGHT by T. Jefferson Parker

    Hyperion, 2000

    Sergeant Merci Rayborn is stirring up trouble again. In this sequel to The Blue Hour, set a couple of years later, the Orange County Sheriff's investigator is a single mother of a toddler and tougher than ever--yet oddly vulnerable despite her abrasiveness.

    Merci has her hands full, first with the murder of a call girl, which becomes especially taxing for her when her sort-of boyfriend, vice cop Mike McNally, becomes the lead suspect. Then there's her absent partner, Paul Zamorra, whose wife is dying of cancer. And finally, her Christmas present from her boss, an unsolved murder from thirty years ago with intriguing but vague connections to her current case.

    Parker (see other BooksForABuck reviews of novels by this author) delivers a relentlessly gritty novel, depressing at times, but compelling with its richly woven plot lines and characters so real you expect them to walk into the room. In chapter after chapter, Merci must make agonizing decisions, aided only by her unerring sense of right and wrong. I look forward to many more Merci Rayborn novels.

    Four Stars

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