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    PURSUIT by Thomas Perry

    Random House, December 2001

    When a diner in Louisville, Kentucky is the scene of a mass murder, the police call in profiler Dan Milliken to help them get a bead on the perpetrator. Milliken quickly determines that the murders are the work of a professional killer, one who knows what he's doing. One who left virtually no clues. The police are stumped. Because Milliken knows the assassin will kill again, he calls in his friend, Roy Prescott, a private investigator who specializes in hunting down killers. Thus begins a cat-and-mouse chase that pits two men of almost identical skills against each other, and the pursuit won't end until one of them is dead.

    This finely crafted novel is told from several points of view, which is normally a disadvantage. As a reader I normally like to have one clear character to root for. In this case, however, it works. I would name Prescott as the main protagonist, but it's Milliken's decision to hire Prescott that puts everything in motion, and he checks in periodically. We also get inside the killer's head, sometimes for chapters at a time--and sometimes I almost felt sorry for him.

    The pace is quick and suspenseful, the plot twists clever and surprising. After some gut-wrenching close calls, in which the villain makes incredible escapes, the end seemed a bit anti-climactic, but it was none-the-less satisfying. A solid page-turner.

    Four Stars

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