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    Kensington Books, July 2000

    Dallas O'Connor arranges photo shoots for 'The Store's' advertising program. When she arrives on site early one morning, there is one mannikin too many--a missing model has shown up murdered. Dallas becomes the leading suspect and goes underground. If she can't find the killer herself, she may have to take the fall.

    Chloe Green offers an intriguing look into the world of fashion and the haunts of the cool and chic in Dallas. Dallas is a likable character, overwhelmed with a thankless job, a boss who hates her, and a young Cuban blond who thinks he is god's gift to women but who keeps kidnapping Dallas.

    Despite herself, Dallas adopts Raul the blond Cuban as her sidekick and sets off on adventure. The dead model had been frozen, confusing the time of death, but the police believe they have uncovered the truth, except Raul is certain he saw the model days after the supposed death. The biggest question is who would kill a beautiful young model still at the beginning of a fabulous career. Beyond Dallas and Raul, suspects seem scarce. We know Dallas didn't do it, but could her sidekick be a killer?

    Chloe Green (see more reviews of mysteries by Green)has written a superior mystery with a fast-paced style and a wry sense of humor that helps drive the story forward. Unlike writers who throw out a number of red herrings, Green has chosen to present only a small number of suspects plus the evidence that none of them could have done it. It's up to Dallas, and the reader, to sift through the evidence looking for the holes that hide the killer.

    Three Stars

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