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    GOODNIGHT SWEET PRINCE by David Dickinson


    Carroll & Graf Publishers, 2002 (U.K. 2001)

    In 1881, Victoria is Queen and Empress and proper British society is at its very height, yet all is not well. Investigator Lord Powerscourt is brought into a strange case involving blackmail of the Prince of Wales himself. England's heir has followed in some of the unfortunate traditions of royalty and his son, Prince Eddy, may be even worse. When Prince Eddy is found dead and the Prince of Wales decides on a cover-up, Powerscourt is called upon to find the killer in a murder that the English Royals simply cannot admit occured.

    Author David Dickinson (see more reviews of novels by Dickinson) offers a delightful combination of engaging characters (the romance between Powerscourt and Lady Lucy is very well done as is the time-table toting butler) and compelling mystery. As Powerscourt digs deeper into the murder, he finds that Prince Eddy had much to account for and that the list of people with motives is long indeed. Powerscourt's investigative abilities and the reader's enjoyment are enhanced by his insights into society and humanity.

    The scandals of the Royals have made history from the days of Shakespear until today. Dickinson reminds us that even in the glory days of the British Empire and Victoria, power and corruption add up to a dangerous combination--dangerous both to the royals themselves, and to everyone who comes in contact with them. GOODNIGHT SWEET PRINCE is a joy to read.

    Highly Recommended.

    Four Stars

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