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    NATIONAL NANCYS by Fred Hunter

    St. Martin's Minotaur, May 2000

    The Chicago gay community has turned out in force to support a liberal Democrat and even a-political Alex Reynolds is roped into the action. Frequent bomb threats to the campaign headquarters initially make for a festive atmosphere but become suddenly serious when a bomb destroys the headquarters and kills one of the workers. Alex and his partner Peter Livesay, along with Alex's mother, are called to investigate.

    Alex has been pining for adventure since his last work with the CIA, but this mystery is a little close to home. Most of the volunteers are gay, yet some evidence points to an inside job. At the same time, a mysterious Englishman is squiring his mother. As Alex and Peter continue to look into the bombing, hints of blackmail emerge--hints that lead to danger for Alex.

    Fred Hunter writes with a light touch. His descriptions of the Chicago gay community ring authentic. Alex is convincingly torn between his duties as an investigator and his loyalty to his fellow gays. NATIONAL NANCYS is funny, action-filled, and a classic cosy at the same time. Hunter's red herings are convincing three dimensional characters.

    Four Stars

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